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01 - Accessing the DARKNET via tor

Above is a schematic drawing how tor works and by that, you need a tor client to access the network. Hence you need to install either a tor-translater (tor proxy) you access via the "usual" internet tools (i.e. Chrome) or make use of a specially configured tor-browser that has everything buibuild for handy and quick use.

To enjoy the full hiding of your privacy setting, always keep in mind, that it's not only the IP adress that your provides gives you that will taint your privacy. You must (if not using the prebuild stuff) that below information is not send through you euipment

  • cookies 
  • autom. logins (like been login in on google
  • reveral addresses (browser history)
  • . . .

The way I'll stick for the next actions, will show the probuild browser way using the original "tor browser"

Always get the software from either the original site (torproject) or from your prefered and strusted repository. (I personally use Heise a lot) 

Check software cert

don't use your native language

don't use a info revieling directory

If from "uncensored" Internet

Well Done... !!! BUT

We are now anonymous

Check Wiki for Internet censorship

Bildergebnis für anonymous mask

Check about the "Terrorist Guy Fawkes" being
honored in the UK every November.

Excellet movie about the Gunpowder Plot of 1605

Now that we have entered the real DARKNET ....

Our anonymy is very importend as we don't want others get knowledge about our points of interesst and point them right to interesting stuff we find about our targets.

So let's get P A R A N O I D 

Hence certain sources will not support us in such attempt.

1.     Mayer search engines.

a.     All mayor search engines store data about your search for further analysis and revenue.

b.     Every US company can (might already) been forced by the Forgein Survielance Act (FISA) to formward data to the amrican intelligence

2.     Background jobs AV, updates, etc.

a.     might unviel your identitiy by login into valid accounts via the tor network.

So we have no real searchengine available for searching within the tor.  (traurig)

But, there are crawlers and Wikis for this job:

I'll show you more on interesting sources on this page.



The Hidden Wiki



also available from