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Aim: Generate at least my own power needs

While I saw the very recent bill coming from my energy provider and have a good envirnmental motivation, it was obvious that I need to have a more clear picture on what is conduming how much power at my place and to compensate as much as possible of that.

Well, on top of all that, as being a nerd, all should be transparent and visible via technology and save in use.

1. Get me some power input

After checking the offers being made concerning "balcony power grids" I ordered myself one of thise an installed it at the top of my small utility house in the little garden.

Ensuring it's all tight fixed to the roof to withstand any wind gusts I have from time to time.

The inverter is being conncted to an outside power outlet with an 1,5mm average extension cord.

Since then, I producing my own power. (very proud of it)

The problem:

  • The production data is only available in an vendor app that is hosted somewhere in China.
  • The vendor app to visualize the data is very unreliable and lacks data for certaint time.
  • The support of the inverter manufactor (TSUN) has almost no support. My recent questions were not qualified answerded for the past 4 weeks and are still open.
  • No API is available to retrieve and compute this data for furthr analysis.

The solution:

Generate the data myself locally, using some intelligent socket.

After enabling the MQTT section, the data is send to the ioBroker for further computing.

09:29:34.257 MQT: tele/PV_C38A01/STATE = {"Time":"2023-06-02T09:29:34","Uptime":"5T18:15:39","UptimeSec":497739,"Heap":16,"SleepMode":"Dynamic","Sleep":50,"LoadAvg":19,"MqttCount":411,"POWER":"ON","Wifi":{"AP":1,"SSId":"[removed]","BSSId":"[removed]","Channel":13,"Mode":"11n","RSSI":42,"Signal":-79,"LinkCount":8,"Downtime":"0T00:04:50"}}

09:31:44.264 MQT: tele/PV_C38A01/SENSOR = {"Time":"2023-06-02T09:31:44","ENERGY":{"TotalStartTime":"2023-05-26T18:01:05","Total":36.724,"Yesterday":6.027,"Today":1.091,"Period": 2,"Power":691,"ApparentPower":719,"ReactivePower":199,"Factor":0.96,"Voltage":300,"Current":2.401}}