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Hashes prior 2003 server (LM/NTLMv1)

Taken from:

At a glance:

  • The clear text is padded up to 14 bytes.
  • Cleartext is converted to all uppercase characters.
  • The clear text is divided into two 7 byte words.
  • Each of the 7 Byte words is encrypted with DES.
  • The encryption outcome is concatinated to the LM hash.

The intresting fact:

  1. The max. length of the password is allways 14 characters, concatinated by 2 7-character words. This makes is easy to crack.
    Even a brute force attack must only take care about 7 character words.
  2. Using a rainbow table is quite easy as they are smal in sice (356GB) to download. See here. I'll talk about using rainbow tables later.

Hash search engine

Check this out:

A distributed search engine for hashes can be found here.