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Installing an Android emulator on your PC

Basicaly there are two well known emulators for Android.

The very well known BlueStacks and a quite new one called Andy

The fact the BlueStack is supposed to be mainly used for game playing, by that having several lack of interception, brought me quite straight to Andy.

Andy comes as a VirtualBox image that can be used and manipulated in the usual way and fits perfectly into my test lab setup.

Install Andy

Installing Andy is quite straight forward.

Get the downloader from Andy web page, run it and after a while it starts from within a VirtualBox.

If you need to have root access (which you probably do) you also need to install the latest AndyRootkit. By the time of this writing, version 3.5. - Although the different HowTo's explained other ways, extracting and running the AndyRootkit while Andy was running did the job.

Information for finding the offline installer for Andy and the AndyRootKit can ce found here.