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The crackingDicrionary attack

First get your tools ready.

Fire up Cain&Abel on the target Server (beware of running AV's) or copy the pwdump6 to the target. If you're able to run Cain directly on the target System, jump directly to the Cain&Abel section.


Done. Now take the hasfile you created and copy it to the System your running Cain on.


Go to Cracker and import your hashes by licking the rught mouse pointing to an empty field.

Choose "add to list" and select from the following menu either "Import from local System" if Cain is installed on the target machine, or use "Import Hashes" if you created a hashdump file from above scenario.

I've cleaned my import a bit for security reasons. Depending on what is in your list and how many entries you have you might consider deleting the uninteresting ones right now as this speeds up cracking.

Now right click on any account in you list and select "Dictionary Attack" and choose the hash technique used in the hasfile (LM or NTLM)

Add all the dictionarys you found and downloaded in that list. I'd recomend to use at least the "rockyou" list.

After that hit the start button and wait....

20 minutes later ...

Depending on the machine your running the crack on it does 1.7 to 2.5 million attempts per second.

Job done....