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Lookup additional information I've supplied for the SOC or the fixing college and also add more information made available by the 3rd party vuln scanner.



rename qid AS QID | 
lookup kb_v2-vuln.csv QID | 
rename CONSEQUENCE AS kb_consequence | 
rename AUTHENTICATION_TYPE AS kb_auth_type | 
rename CVSS_ACCESS_COMPLEXITY AS kb_cvss_access_complexity | 
rename CVSS_ACCESS_VECTOR AS kb_cvss_access_vector | 
rename CVSS_AUTHENTICATION AS kb_cvss_authentication | 
rename CVSS_BASE AS kb_cvss_base | rename CVSS_BASE_SRC AS kb_cvss_base_src | 
rename CVSS_EXPLOITABILITY AS kb_cvss_exploitability | 
rename CVSS_IMPACT_AVAILABILITY AS kb_cvss_impact_availability | 
rename CVSS_IMPACT_CONFIDENTIALITY AS kb_cvss_impact_confidentiality | 
rename CVSS_IMPACT_INTEGRITY AS kb_cvss_impact_integrity | 
rename CVSS_REMEDIATION_LEVEL AS kb_cvss_remedation_levels | 
rename CVSS_REPORT_CONFIDENCE AS kb_cvss_report_confidence | 
rename CVSS_TEMPORALAS AS kb_cvss_temporals | 
rename DIAGNOSIS AS kb_diagnosis | 
rename CVSS_TEMPORAL AS kb_cvss_temporal | 
rename LAST_SERVICE_MODIFICATION_DATETIME AS kb_last_service_modification_date | 
rename PATCHABLE AS kb_patchable | 
rename PUBLISHED_DATETIME AS kb_published_date | 
rename REMOTE_DISCOVERY AS kb_remote_discovery | 
rename SEVERITY_LEVELAS AS kb_severity_level | 
rename SOLUTION AS kb_solution | 
rename PCI_FLAG AS kb_pci_flag | 
rename LAST_CUSTOMIZATION_DATETIME AS kb_last_customization_datetime | 
rename LAST_CUSTOMIZATION_USERLOGIN AS kb_last_customization_user | 
rename SEVERITY_LEVEL AS kb_severity_level | 
lookup kb_v2-vuln.csv QID | 
lookup kb_v2-software.csv QID | 
lookup kb_v2-bugtraq.csv QID | 
lookup kb_v2-compliance.csv QID | 
lookup kb_v2-cve.csv QID | 
lookup kb_v2-exploit.csv QID | 
lookup kb_v2-malware.csv QID | 
lookup kb_v2-vendor.csv QID | 
rename QID as qid