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howto find #btleaks

When I heard/realized about the #btleaks event of publicating several private and/or confidential information I was already a bit late and most direct sources were already taken down or have been deleted. So I had to digg around a bit.

First of all actions, get yourself some good privacy. you'll never know who's watching what you'r doing. USe tor or some VPN tuneling.

From searching within the news, I found out that the user that twittered the whole stuff was 0_orbiter. I little more digging showed that it's related to a blog named (that was taken down already).

But the Internet never forgets. So search via Yandex for gave me the cached version of the original page with all the information that was needed at this point.

December 24, 2018
CDU/CSU Release | Passwort: 123!/v/dennis567/odhh9bc0 
Alternativer Link #1:
Download my file: CDU & CSU.txt

December 23, 2018
SPD Release | Passwort: 123!/v/dennis567/lgfrcata 
Alternativer Link #1: 
Alternativer Link #2:
Download my file: SPD.txt

December 22, 2018
Die Grünen Release | Passwort: 123!/v/dennis567/kbdenifh 
Alternativer Link #1:
Download my file: Die Gruenen.txt

December 21, 2018
Die Linke Release | Passwort: 123!/v/dennis567/87eg26yk 
Alternativer Link #1:
Download my file: Die Linke.txt

December 20, 2018
FDP Release | Passwort: 123!/v/dennis567/ez73r1qv (Beschreibung)
Download my file: FDP.txt

December 19, 2018
Gronkh Leak |Passwort: 123 (this is not really relatet to the politicians leak, but to be complete)
Alternativer Link:
Download my file: Gronkh.txt

Now, that the textfiles are available and contain a lot of URLs that point to even more data, it's a quite lot of work to use each URL to download each and every file. - Well there is some help available with a smart download helper I tend to use from time to time. That tool is called "jdownloader2". It catches URL's from clipboard and tries to download it automatically. So all there was to do, is to put the textfiles into the clipboard and have jdownloader extract the URL's embedded.

For quick searching within the files and data just gathered, I use grepwin. At least while being busy at the windows machine. Later, I'll switch over to linux and use my usual CLI commands.