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Some good search engines for extendet searches

clear net

  • - cluster search engine, defines objects or categories associated with a word in a search query
  • - forum search engine
  • - search by code in open repositories
  • - semantic search engine
  • - Finds by email addresses, domains, URLs, IP addresses, CIDRs, bitcoin addresses, IPFS hashes, etc.
  • - search by the source code of pages, you can search for nicknames, mail, trackers, wallets, site addresses, etc.
  • - search in pastebin texts
  • — social media search
  • - automatic search and creation of relationship maps
  • - search through databases, files, company registries, leaks, and other sources
  • Opendirectory-finder - Google search with dorks
  • - compiles Google dorks for social search. networks