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What skills does this test want you to know?

What skills does this test want you to know?

This is an English test. This test is for a security manager. You have to analyze scope, time, and cost for most questions. Your goal is to reduce the risk

Reading and understanding the question

Read the question and answers twice. Skim the question and answers. Then go back and read it carefully. Argue with each of the answers. Does this answer work? It meets all requirements in question? Are any other answers more efficient for time and cost?

Also keep in mind, that if there are more than one correct answer, take the one that best solves the problem.

Quantitative, Qualitative, nouns, verbs, processes, technologies

If you have no idea what the answer is, you can generally eliminate at least two answers from the language in the question. The question could be asking for a technology, and two of the answers are processes. The test could want an action and 1 of the answers is a noun.

  • Accuracy = correct
  • Precision = consistent
Human life and risk

Human life is always the most important thing. Reducing risk is always the most important thing.

Due Diligence

Think before you Act. Ready, Aim, Fire Before taking action:

  • Understand business objectives
  • Review current security state
  • interview stakeholders
  • Identify owners/assets/values
  • Assess current controls
  • Analyze Impact/Exposure/Alternatives
  • Verify/Confirm reports
Due Care

Actions speak louder than words. For questions that require assurance:

  • Auditing
  • Monitoring
  • Interviewing
  • Assessing
  • Testing
  • Exercising
  • Training
Process Management

What phase is this question in? This will help set context

  1. Plan
  2. Do
  3. Check
  4. Act repeat

Take practices tests and time yourself. You need to take your time and not have to worry about rushing. You must be focused only on answering the questions. If you are taking too long on your practice tests, then adjust yourself. You are also not going to know several test questions, so do your best, eliminate as many as you can, and move on.


Now I'm not going to be your life coach, but your mind is capable of incredible things. I believe that you can learn anything as long as you don't put up any mental barriers or excuses for yourself. That being said, studying is hard, this test is hard, life is hard. You must appreciate all that you do in life, do your best, and be happy with it. Get back up and keep trying if this certification is your priority.

Sources (Thanks to SimonOwens for his great work)