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Security projects (after 2012)

I started a new career in the Cyber Security in 2013.

This section covers the topics that I was responsible for in my role of a Sen. Cyber Security Specialist

  • Internal and external advice on strategic, process-oriented and technological issues relating to IT and Cyber Security
  • Development and creation of security concepts
  • Consulting in security infrastructures and architectures
  • Evaluation of IT security measures.
  • Definition, implementation, updating and monitoring of IT security policies
  • Development and implementation of training in IT security
  • Penetration testing of internal and external Systems at Sophos using various tools and techniques, for example; metasploit, xplico, ettercap, Cain&Abel,John the ripper, etc.
  • Designing and setting up a company wide, scheduled and automated vulnerability scan using Qualys.
  • Analysing, repriotising, and reporting of vulnerabilities found during scans throught the SIEM in Splunk.
  • Enhancing Splunk with reputational information of the source of attacking threats. Especially for the snort IDS logs.
  • Development, implementation and maintianing a SIEM with Splunk using all available data sources. (Windows Events, Firewall logs, Qualys logs, Cisco logs, Linux logs, AV and sev. propretary logs.
  • Security trainings of company internal and external personal
  • Developing my pentesting skills to discover and verify vulnerabilitys
  • Regular password audit's of the company wide ActiveDirectory
  • Regular managing of phishing campaigns 
  • Creating, maintaining and altering of the internal security policies, according to the needs of the company.
  • Started Ethical Hacker Training.
  • Ongoing personal education on Cyber Security using several sources (online training, news, information events, chats, etc.)
  • Creating my own lab to validate my theories and knowledge with the use of VulnHUB, OWASP and several other sources
  • IDS/IPS data analysis, repriotizing and alerting with Splunk
  • Building a "reputational database" (public available sources) based on the "Collective Intelligence Framework".
  • Getting basic knowledge on forensic analysis.
  • Evaluating a Rapid7 Nexpose Enterprise setup to compare with my older setup of the Qualys Enterprise setup.
  • Analysing a "RED team" attack.
  • Convincing and training of other company wide team's to solve discovered security/vulnerability issues.