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China: Order of the Ministry of Public Security

Did you know, that China has changed it's security law to do "security supervision" even onsite?

Chapter III Supervision and Inspection Procedures

Article XIII carry out public security organs Internet security supervision and inspection, supervision and examination can be taken on-site or remote detection manner.

Article XIV of the public security organs when conducting Internet security site supervision and inspection, the People's Police shall not be less than two, and should show people's police supervision and inspection certificate and notice above the county level people's government issued by the public security organs.

Article XV of public security organs to carry out on-site supervision and inspection of Internet security may need to take the following measures:

(1) Entering business premises, computer rooms, and workplaces;

(2) requiring the person in charge of the supervision and inspection or the network security management personnel to explain the supervision and inspection items;

(3) consulting and copying information related to Internet safety supervision and inspection items;

(4) Check the operation of technical measures for network and information security protection.

Read the complete (translated) law paper here.