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Some OSINT hints for #btleaks

To see how I did a "quick catch" on the BTLEAK files, have a look at my documentation of how I found the data and links although the major information was hidden and blocked.

Twitter leak or #BTLEAK

During the end of 2018, just bevore christmas, the germany partys have got a fancy gift from santa via some tweets, promissing valuable information of several prominent politicians of the german parliament.

Although twitter, google and other bigger institutions tried their best to hide the actual information, but the network is designed to overcome an atomic desaster, so hiding is hard within an environment that never forgets.

By the time of writing, I was still able to use some caches and crawler to get me the actual information and follow the several URL's (669) within the head documents.

I'm still busy with reading and evaluating the information so far, but from the first and second sight, it looks not like the very, very finest information. But, it shows how unprofessional and childish polititians use their data.

Never the less of the quality of the information itself, it is an fantastic source of information for trust relationsships that can be used in phishing and are excellent for social engineering. I*m sure further attacks from turla etc. will use it as a valuable tool.